I n t e n t i o n . . .

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Europe with its countless landscapes and regional cultures is a fascinating living space. Off the beaten track, there are still some less frequented, but very attractive places to explore !

Unfortunately, the time for such activities today is narrow. So which means of transport would fit better to discover Europe than a car ? With a car, you can reach any destination fast and pleasant, it's the perfect combination of independence, flexibility and comfort for a very special adventure.

We organize our car tours as a delightful composition of nature, culture and gastronomy. By a change of views between like-minded people from several countries, we get to know new impressions and habits as well as we are training foreign languages or we are socialising new friedships.

So we like to invite all those who enjoy these pages to attend us on one of our discovery-tours and last but not least, we also like to get in contact with like-minded people and gain new friendships